J.Q. Anderson Famous Quotes & Sayings

1 J.Q. Anderson Famous Sayings, Quotes and Quotation.

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Those eyes are seriously flirting with my pulse
and I cannot let that happen.
If I'm ever too tired for you, then there'd be something seriously wrong with me, babe.
I press a kiss on her forehead, then turn around, feeling half of me is still where she's standing.
I am stunned, but my feet are making their way toward him like he's a magnet and I'm a scrap of metal. I can't stop. Part of me wants to. A very small part. But I know I can't.
There is one flower here for every day that I have known and loved you, Natalia. One hundred and seventy two, to be exact.
J.Q. Anderson Sayings: Those eyes are seriously flirting with my pulseand I cannot let that happen..If I'm ever