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It was late in Ruana and Ray's visit when Samuel
started talking about the gothic revival house that Lindsey
and he had found along an overgrown section of Route 30. As
he told Abigail about it in detail, describing how he had
realized he wanted to propose to Lindsey and live there with
her, Ray found himself asking, "Does it have a big hole in
the ceiling of the back room and cool windows above the
front door?"
"Yes," Samuel said, as my father grew alarmed. "But it
can be fixed, Mr. Salmon. I'm sure of it."
"Ruth's dad owns that," Ray said.
Everyone was quiet for a moment and then Ray continued.
"He took out a loan on his business to buy up old
places that aren't already slated for destruction. He wants
to restore them," Ray said.
"My God," Samuel said.
And I was gone.
(Susie finnally giving up on earth and moving on)
Alice Sebold Abigail Salmon Sayings By Alice Sebold: It was late in Ruana and Ray's visit when Samuelstarted talking about the gothic revival
Tin-Tin in your rattle skin
Dumbed and worn down -
Flushed pink-salmon suffering.
Abigail George Abigail Salmon Sayings By Abigail George: Tin-Tin in your rattle skinDumbed and worn down -Flushed pink-salmon suffering.