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On the Eighth Day Adam Slept Alone

It must have been
the eighth day.

A day the scribes and Pharisees conveniently
left out.

Adam was either inspecting goats
or naming the birds

when something pinched
my side.

I had to stop pruning the tree of knowledge
to catch my breath.

God had taken a long weekend.

At first I thought the solitude of gardening
was going to my head.

Was it loneliness?
An omen? A vision?

For a moment I thought I would

Then I realized it was just a rib

How you found your way in
along the banks of the third river

I will never know
but I still shiver to recall

how perfectly your fingers
fell into place

along the ridges
of my ribcage.

Go ahead, Love,
take every last bone.

Make of me
what you will.
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He's an Imago," Adam repeated. "They kill humans, or use them as blood banks."

"You speak as if humans do not do that to each other," Rekesh commented. "Not all Imagoes choose to be evil, as not all humans choose to be good. ~Rekesh and Adam
Annabell Cadiz Adam Banks Sayings By Annabell Cadiz: He's an Imago," Adam repeated. "They kill humans, or use them as blood banks.""You speak