Gripsholm Famous Quotes & Sayings

1 Gripsholm Famous Sayings, Quotes and Quotation.

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Taking into consideration all your loveliness
why can't you burn your bootsoles and your
draft card? How can you sit there saying yes
to war? You'll be a pauper when you die, sore
boy. Dead, while I still live at our addresss.
Oh my brother, why do you keep making plans
when I am at seizures of hearts and hands?
Come dance the dance, the Papa-Mama dance;
bring costumes from the suitcase pasted Ille de France,
the S.S. Gripsholm. Papa's London Harness case
he took abroad and kept i our attic laced
with old leather straps for storage and his
scholar's robes, black licorice - that metamorphosis
with it's crimson blood.
The Papa and Mama Dance
Anne Sexton Gripsholm Sayings By Anne Sexton: Taking into consideration all your lovelinesswhy can't you burn your bootsoles and yourdraft card? How