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Beautiful Istanbul Sayings

Beautiful Istanbul Sayings Where would you like to go, what would you really like to do with your life? See Istanbul, Port Said, Nairobi, Budapest. Write a book. Smoke too many cigarettes. Fall off a cliff but get caught in a tree halfway down. Get shot at a few times in a dark alley on a Morrocan midnight. Love a beautiful woman.

Author: Ray Bradbury

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Hamlet Guilt Sayings

Hamlet Guilt Sayings You're wallowing in guilt and he's playing the martyr. It's like living in the middle of Hamlet.

Author: Susan Mallery

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New Year Artist Sayings

New Year Artist Sayings I felt like I was definitely robbed, and I refuse to give any politically correct bullshit ass comment. I was the best new artist this year.

Author: Kanye West

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Allamiqbal Sayings

Allamiqbal Sayings Ilm Ne Mujh Se Kaha Ishq Hai Diwana-Pan Ishq Ne Mujh Se Kaha Ilm Hai Takhmeen-o-Zan Knowledge said to me, Love is madness; Love said to me, Knowledge is calculation Band-e-Takhmeen-o-Zan! Kirm-e-Kitabi Na Ban Ishq Sarapa Huzoor, Ilm Sarapa Hijab O slave of calculation, do not be a bookworm! Love is Presence entire, Knowledge nothing but a Veil.

Author: Muhammad Iqbal

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No Words Just Feelings Sayings

No Words Just Feelings Sayings No matter how beautiful the outside may be, the inside still has feelings and needs that just words don't fulfill.

Author: Hubert Selby Jr.

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Successful Encouraging Sayings

Successful Encouraging Sayings When you encourage others, you boost their self-esteem, enhance their self-confidence, make them work harder, lift their spirits and make them successful in their endeavors. Encouragement goes straight to the heart and is always available. Be an encourager. Always.

Author: Roy Bennett

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Animal Experts Sayings

Animal Experts Sayings I have been impressed by the realization that a few men have virtually 'decided' what experiences count and even exist in the world. The language of Western science the reigning construct of male hegemony precludes the ability to express the experiential realities it talks about. Virtually all the actual experiences of this world, expressed through the manifest and mysterious characteristics of all the different beings, are unrepresented in the stainless steel edicts of experts. Where is the voice of the voiceless in the scientific literature, including the literature of environmental ethics?

Author: Karen Davis

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Darth Vader Return Of The Jedi Sayings

Darth Vader Return Of The Jedi Sayings The first movie I can remember seeing in the theater was 'Return of the Jedi.' I can remember seeing Darth Vader's helmet come off. The shock of that moment.

Author: Oscar Isaac

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Leap Into The Future Sayings

Leap Into The Future Sayings Frankly, out in America, you get the feeling that America is dying. And along its highways and byways, the country seems less ready to leap into the future than it is already clinging to a sepia-toned past when America stood as the unencumbered Big Boy in a Manichean world of good and evil, capitalists and Commies. Even the neon oasis-pods of the interstate - the perpetual clusters of Wendy's, McDonald's, Denny's, and Burger King - are crowded with people strangely reclaiming bygone days, connecting themselves to some prior eating experience, reveling in the familiar. We gas

Author: Michael Paterniti

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The Immensity Of Love Sayings

The Immensity Of Love Sayings In fact, since the accident, Mom doesn't love anyone. She is marble. Beautiful. Frigid. Easily stained by her family. What's left of us anyway. We are corpses. At first, we sought rebirth. But resurrection devoid of her love has made us zombies. We get up every morning, skip breakfast, hurry off to work or school. For in those other places, we are more at home. And sometimes we stagger beneath the weight of grief, the immensity of aloneness.

Author: Ellen Hopkins

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Modestly Dress Sayings

Modestly Dress Sayings There are ways to minimize the risk if you are a woman working in the Middle East: You can dress modestly, wear the hijab, cover your head, always travel with a man.

Author: Lynsey Addario

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Menopause And Anxiety Sayings

Menopause And Anxiety Sayings So, more times than not, but not every time, it can be linked to a medical problem, such as menopause, cancer, chronic pain, it can be linked to anxiety and depression. Those are the more common causes.

Author: Shelby Harris

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If Your Path Is Difficult Sayings

If Your Path Is Difficult Sayings How different the world would be if each parent could say to the child: "Who you are is terrific, all you are meant to be. And who you are, as you are, is loved by all of us. You have a source within, which is the soul, and it will express itself to you through what we call desire. Always respect the well-being of the other, but live your own journey, serve that desire, risk being that which wishes to enter the world through you, and you will always have our love, even if your path takes you away from us." Such persons would then have a powerful tool to enable them to change their lives when it was not working out for them. Such persons would be able to make difficult decisions, mindful always of the impact on others, but also determined to live the life intended by the gods who brought us here.

Author: James Hollis

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Be In The World But Not Of The World Quote Sayings

Be In The World But Not Of The World Quote Sayings The devil can quote Scripture for his purpose; and the text of Scripture which he now most commonly quotes is, "The Kingdom of heaven is within you." That text has been the stay and support of more Pharisees and prigs and self-righteous spiritual bullies than all the dogmas in creation; it has served to identify self-satisfaction with the peace that passes all understanding. And the text to be quoted in answer to it is that which declares that no man can receive the kingdom except as a little child. What we are to have inside is a childlike spirit; but the childlike spirit is not entirely concerned about what is inside. It is the first mark of possessing it that one is interested in what is outside. The most childlike thing about a child is his curiosity and his appetite and his power of wonder at the world. We might almost say that the whole advantage of having the kingdom within is that we look for it somewhere else.

Author: G.K. Chesterton

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Bravery Themes Sayings

Bravery Themes Sayings There are themes that somehow stir me and that I find very interesting. They're themes that deal with leadership, the nature of bravery and courage, and how to define those.

Author: Stephen Lang

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Peace Lds Sayings

Peace Lds Sayings These early Saints were indeed homeless, but they were not hopeless. Their hearts were broken, but their spirits were strong. They had learned a profound and important lesson. They had learned that hope, with its attendant blessings of peace and joy, does not depend upon circumstance. They had discovered that the true source of hope is faith - faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in His infinite Atonement, the one sure foundation upon which to build our lives.

Author: Wilford W. Andersen

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Self Lyrics Sayings

Self Lyrics Sayings Sometimes it's liberating to confront horrible things in lyrics as a way to master the shadow-self that exists in everyone.

Author: Jeff Tweedy

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Domestically And Internationally Sayings

Domestically And Internationally Sayings Abused in this way, law becomes a tool - both domestically and internationally - by which the powerful can coerce and control the powerless, rather than a system for ensuring that all are subjected to common rules. Nowhere

Author: Glenn Greenwald

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Esthetic Skin Sayings

Esthetic Skin Sayings Let the labyrinth of wrinkles be furrowed in my brow with the red-hot iron of my own life, let my hair whiten and my step become vacillating, on condition that I can save the intelligence of my soul - let my unformed childhood soul, as it ages, assume the rational and esthetic forms of an architecture, let me learn just everything that others cannot teach me, what only life would be capable of marking deeply in my skin!

Author: Salvador Dali

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Kindness Is The Master Key Sayings

Kindness Is The Master Key Sayings Kindness is the master key which opens the gates of inner bliss.

Author: Debasish Mridha

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Short Edgy Sayings

Short Edgy Sayings My friends were thin, pretty, naturally bronzed and accessorized with bug-eyed sunglasses. They slurped vodka straight from the bottle while they drove. They roamed the streets in bikinis by day and by night, skimpy dresses short enough to bare their ass cheeks when they bent over. They pushed up their breasts and snorted coke in the bathrooms of clubs before grinding their crotches into strangers until last call. And when the night came to an end, they romped through the filthy, gum-stained streets barefoot because they were too hammered to feel the glass shards beneath their soles. The PB girls were wild, edgy, and dangerously carefree.

Author: Maggie Young

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Breaking Her Heart Sayings

Breaking Her Heart Sayings And I'm a bad boy 'cause I don't even miss her. I'm a bad boy for breakin her heart

Author: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

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Gun Barrel Sayings

Gun Barrel Sayings We are a generation of settlers, and without the steel helmet and gun barrel, we shall not be able to plant a tree or build a house.

Author: Moshe Dayan

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Needs Then Sayings

Needs Then Sayings If you're worried about putting food on the table or putting a roof over your head, that stress is definitely will contribute to unhappiness, but once you have your basic needs met then incremental money.

Author: Tony Hsieh

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The Importance Of Self Knowledge Sayings

The Importance Of Self Knowledge Sayings To commit one's life to the Jesus Reality is far more than an intellectual undertaking. While the Reality of Jesus is a perspective, it is not a worldview in the sense of a particular cosmology, or a body of doctrinal knowledge requiring assent. Rather it is a Word that addresses our lives and speaks to our human condition. It demands that we examine our own hearts, take inventory of our human failings, and open our lives to forgiveness and grace. It breaks the illusions of our self-importance and self-reliance, and calls us to recognize the Spirit reality that already exists in our midst and already lives in our hearts.

Author: John F. Baggett

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Either You With Me Or Against Me Sayings

Either You With Me Or Against Me Sayings Should the reader exclaim, I was not conscious of the heinousness of sin nor bowed down with a sense of my guilt when Christ saved me. Then we unhesitatingly reply, Either you have never been saved at all, or you were not saved as early as you supposed. True, as the Christian grows in grace he has a clearer realization of what sin is - rebellion against God - and a deeper hatred and sorrow for it; but to think that one may be saved by Christ whose conscience has never been smitten by the Spirit and whose heart has not been made contrite before God, is to imagine something which has no existence whatever in the realm of fact.

Author: Arthur W. Pink

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Never Leave A Man Behind Sayings

Never Leave A Man Behind Sayings We never leave a man behind and as Death Adders we always take care of our own. -Reilly Campbell

Author: J.J. Snow

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Humility In Business Sayings

Humility In Business Sayings Humility in this business [acting] isn't just a matter of being polite, it's kind of a matter of survival. You can't ever afford to think that you're the bee's knees, because you could always afford to be better. You have to always be searching for something better.

Author: Michael Shannon

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Born In Shame Sayings

Born In Shame Sayings V. S. Pritchett was one of the most admired, fun, talked-about writers of the 20th century: he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth for his work with prose. He was born in 1900, wrote till he died in 1997, and has been tidily forgotten ever since. This is a real shame.

Author: Darin Strauss

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Profound Quote Sayings

Profound Quote Sayings Happiness," he says, "is the price of profound thought." "Who's that quote from?" I ask. He winks. "Me.

Author: Alice Oseman

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May Evil Eyes Off Sayings

May Evil Eyes Off Sayings He has a funny look in his eyes as if to say, "Come off it, Shiva, I know what you are up to, I know what you are doing." And you say, "What, me?" So he looks at you in this funny way until finally you get the feeling that he sees all the way through you; and that all your selfishness and evil, nasty thoughts are transparent to his gaze. Then you have to try and alter them. He suggests that you practice the control of the mind, that you become interiorly silent, and that you give up selfish desires of the skin-encapsulated self. Then you may have some success in quieting your mind and in concentrating. But after that, he will throw a curve at you, which is: Are you not still desiring not to desire? Why are you trying to be unselfish? Well, the answer is, "I want to be on the side of the big battalions. I think it is going to pay off better to be unselfish than to be selfish.

Author: Alan W. Watts

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Want Results Sayings

Want Results Sayings If we want power, we should direct the subconscious not simply to give us a great deal or a certain amount of power, but to give us more and more power. In this manner, we shall secure results from the very beginning. If we try to train the subconscious to produce a certain amount, it might be some time before that amount can be developed. In the mean time, we should meet disappointment and delay, but if our desire is for steady increase along all lines from where we stand now, we shall be able to secure, first, a slight improvement and then added improvement to be followed with still greater improvement, until we finally reach the highest goal we have in view.

Author: Christian D. Larson

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Stacomb Hair Sayings

Stacomb Hair Sayings Among those dazzled by the Administration team was Vice-President Lyndon Johnson. After attending his first Cabinet meeting he went back to his mentor Sam Rayburn and told him with great enthusiasm how extraordinary they were, each brighter than the next, and that the smartest of them all was that fellow with the Stacomb on his hair from the Ford Motor Company, McNamara. "Well, Lyndon," Mister Sam answered, "you may be right and they may be every bit as intelligent as you say, but I'd feel a whole lot better about them if just one of them had run for sheriff once." It is my favorite story in the book, for it underlines the weakness of the Kennedy team, the difference between intelligence and wisdom, between the abstract quickness and verbal fluency which the team exuded, and the true wisdom, which is the product of hard-won, often bitter experience. Wisdom for a few of them came after Vietnam.

Author: David Halberstam

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Senior Will Sayings

Senior Will Sayings The good die young, but I have been spared to build myself up so that I may end my life as good as gold. The senior dead will be proud of me ... I will join the Y.M.C.A. of the immortals. Only, in this very hour, I may be missing eternity.

Author: Saul Bellow

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Morning Tuesday Sayings

Morning Tuesday Sayings Was in a full-on fake-it-'til-you-make-it situation, not exactly what I'd had planned for seven in the morning on a random Tuesday. While wearing penguin pajamas.

Author: Ellis Leigh

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Perfection Of Thought Sayings

Perfection Of Thought Sayings Releasing guilt is like removing a huge weight from your shoulders. Guilt is released through the empowering thought of love and respect for yourself. You empower yourself with love and respect, letting go of standards of perfection and refusing to use up the precious currency of your life, the now, with thoughts that only continue to frustrate and weaken you. Instead, you can vow to be better than you used to be, which is the true test of nobility. Apathetic

Author: Wayne W. Dyer

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M Ok Sayings

M Ok Sayings I stopped going to therapy because I knew my therapist was right and I wanted to keep being wrong. I wanted to keep my bad habits like charms on a bracelet. I did not want to be brave. I think I like my brain best in a bar fight with my heart. I think I like myself a little broken. I'm ok if that makes me less loved. I like poetry better than therapy anyway. The poems never judge me for healing wrong.

Author: Clementine von Radics

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Say Thanks To Best Friend Sayings

Say Thanks To Best Friend Sayings Holding a hand over my eyes, I look up at him. "Thanks, I'm glad were ... friends." I say the word friends deliberately, letting the emphasis get my point across. His mouth curves with a slow smile. "I've never wanted to be your friend, Jacinda." My heart stutters in my chest. Standing in the pouring rain, I watch him walk away.

Author: Sophie Jordan

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Avengers Age Of Ultron Best Sayings

Avengers Age Of Ultron Best Sayings You get hurt, hurt 'em back. You get killed, walk it off.

Author: Joss Whedon

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Embedded Vs Embedded Sayings

Embedded Vs Embedded Sayings What those two young physicists did remains the most important step yet made in the search for quantum gravity. They gave us two general and simple laws, which were the first physical predictions to come from the study of quantum gravity. They are: Unruh's law. Accelerating observers see themselves as embedded in a gas of hot photons at a temperature proportional to their acceleration. Bekenstein's law With every horizon that forms a boundary separating an observer from a region which is hidden from them, there is associated an entropy which measures the amount of information which is hidden behind it. This entropy is always proportional to the area of the horizon.

Author: Lee Smolin

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Human Being Captive Sayings

Human Being Captive Sayings The rock, when one came to think of it, was the utmost expression of human need; even mere feeling yearned for it; it was the highest comparison of loyalty in love and friendship. Christ Himself had used that comparison for the disciple to whom He gave the keys of His Church. And the Hebrews of the Old Testament, always being carried captive into foreign lands, their rock was an idea of God, the only thing their conquerors could not take from them.

Author: Willa Cather

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Unreceived Message Sayings

Unreceived Message Sayings The message of love can never come into a human soul, and pass away from it unreceived, without leaving that spirit worse, with all its lowest characteristics strengthened, and all its best ones depressed, by the fact of rejection.

Author: Alexander MacLaren

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I Just Want To Be Pretty Sayings

I Just Want To Be Pretty Sayings I'm glad...you texted." Rider tilted his head to the side. "Yeah?" I nodded, probably a little too eagerly, but as the dimple in his right cheek took shape, it was like being rewarded. Our eyes met for a moment, and I didn't want him to leave. An urge took me like it had during lunch, and I all but bounced forward. Gripping his arms, I stretched up and kissed his cheek. It was pretty much just a peck, so I figured it wasn't crossing any lines, but the feel of his skin under my lips was still unnerving and unexpected. "Be careful," I whispered, backing off. Rider's grin faded from his handsome face. A moment passed before he spoke. "Always, Mouse.

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Artists That Start With L Sayings

Artists That Start With L Sayings From the start, I've always admired Eminem's thinking. That's the reason I wanted to appear on the Grammys with him when I was asked. Eminem has the balls to say what he feels and to make offensive things funny. That's very necessary today in America, with people being muzzled and irony becoming a lost art. Artists like Eminem who use their free speech to get a point across are vitally important. There just aren't many people in the world with balls that big and talent that awesome.

Author: Elton John

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Trip Photo Sayings

Trip Photo Sayings I was in Sarasota, Florida, on a spring-break trip with my friends Bruce and Karen Moore. Bruce and I were waiting on the beach for the rest of our crew when and a man and his grown kids came strolling up the sand. They looked at me for a minute, sort of hesitating, and then asked, "Would you mind taking a picture?" "Sure," I said, and quickly arranged all of us in a line, putting myself in the middle and motioning to Bruce to come snap the photo. Right about that time, the father said, "Actually, we were wondering if you could take a picture just of us." An understandable mistake on my part, but really embarrassing. Bruce has had a field day reminding me of that one ever since. Lesson learned: Never assume anything about your own importance. It's a great big world, and all of us are busy living our lives. None of us knows all the time and effort that another person puts into his or her passion.

Author: Amy Grant

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3 Breezy Sayings

3 Breezy Sayings The Garden of Eden was the place where the first human creatures might have acquired wisdom: Eden was the place for total intimacy with God, and that is the sole condition fur becoming wise. Day by day they might have grown in wisdom and stature, taking those strolls with God in 'the breezy time of day (Genesis 3:8). But they could not wait to get smart, so they chose the quick and dirty method... (pg. 149)

Author: Ellen F. Davis

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Ploughed Field Sayings

Ploughed Field Sayings The fields that push up the corn, and the water that rushes down the ravine, the juice of the grape, and the life of a man as it flows past him, are all one and the same thing. The sole unity in life is the unity of rhythm. A rhythm to which we all dance; men, apples, ravines, ploughed fields, carts among the corn, houses, horses, and the sun. The stuff that is in you, Gauguin, will pound through a grape tomorrow, because you and the grape are one. When I paint a peasant labouring in the field, I want people to feel the peasant flowing down into the soil, just as the corn does, and the soil flowing up into the peasant. I want them to feel the sun pouring into the peasant, into the field, the corn, the plough, and the horses, just as they all pour back into the sun. When you begin to feel the universal rhythm in which everything on earth moves, you begin to understand life ... .

Author: Irving Stone

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Tom Wolfe Electric Kool Aid Sayings

Tom Wolfe Electric Kool Aid Sayings Art is a creed, not a craft.

Author: Tom Wolfe

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Rebelliousness Is As The Sin Sayings

Rebelliousness Is As The Sin Sayings The real difference in the believer who follows Christ and has mortified his will and died after the old man in Christ, is that he is more clearly aware than other men of the rebelliousness and perennial pride of the flesh, he is conscious of his sloth and self-indulgence and knows that his arrogance must be eradicated. Hence there is a need for daily self-discipline.

Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Image Positive Sayings

Image Positive Sayings A positive self-image has little relationship to our material circumstances.

Author: Ezra Taft Benson

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Leadership V Management Sayings

Leadership V Management Sayings You are either supporting the vision or supporting division

Author: Saji Ijiyemi

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Funny And Nice Sayings

Funny And Nice Sayings Honest friends is kinda nice, but it's hard to beat a big-ass lie and a six-pack of brewskies.

Author: Lois Greiman

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Family Sunday Church Sayings

Family Sunday Church Sayings After church on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, my family would go chop down our Christmas tree. Once it was home and placed in its stand, Mom and I would painstakingly decorate our tree. It took hours to place the tinsel, string the lights, find the perfect spot for my favorite macaroni and felt ornaments from kindergarten.

Author: Molly O'Keefe

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Famous Ruler Sayings

Famous Ruler Sayings With his Policraticus (1159), John of Salisbury had become the most famous Christian writer to compare society to a human body and to use that analogy to justify a system of natural inequality. In Salisbury's formulation, every element in the state had an anatomical counterpart: the ruler was the head, the parliament was the heart, the court was the sides, officials and judges were the eyes, ears and tongue, the treasury was the belly and intestines, the army was the hands and the peasantry and labouring classes were the feet.

Author: Alain de Botton

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Bjork Love Sayings

Bjork Love Sayings The extremes of who I'd love to be onstage are David Bowie, Prince, and, I don't know, Bjork.

Author: Miguel

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True Goodness Sayings

True Goodness Sayings In religion our only hope is to live a life good enough to require God to bless us, so every instance of sin and repentance is therefore traumatic, unnatural and threatening. Only under great duress do religious people admit they have sinned, because their only hope is their moral goodness. In the gospel the knowledge of our acceptance in Christ makes it easier to admit that we are flawed, because we know we won't be cast off if we confess the true depths of our sinfulness. Our hope is in Christ's righteousness, not our own, so it is not as traumatic to admit our weaknesses and lapses.

Author: Timothy Keller

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Makeup Not Required Sayings

Makeup Not Required Sayings Women are no longer required to be chaste or modest, to restrict their sphere of activity to the home, or even to realize their properly feminine destiny in maternity. Normative femininity [that is, the rules for being a good woman] is coming more and more to be centered on women's body - not its duties and obligations or even its capacity to bear children, but its sexuality, more precisely, its presumed heterosexuality and its appearance. . . . The woman who checks her makeup half a dozen times a day to see if her foundation has caked or her mascara has run, who worries that the wind or the rain may spoil her hairdo, who looks frequently to see if her stockings have bagged at the ankle, or who, feeling fat, monitors everything she eats, has become, just as surely as the inmate of Panopticon, a self-policing subject, a self committed to a relentless self-surveillance. This self-surveillance is a form of obedience to patriarchy.

Author: Rosemarie Tong

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Careers From Famous People Sayings

Careers From Famous People Sayings There are people who appear in the magazines and I don't know who they are. I've never seen anything they've done and their careers are over already. They're famous for maybe 10 minutes. Real careers, I think, take a long time to unfold.

Author: Matt Damon

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The City View Sayings

The City View Sayings Everyone has the right to walk from one end of the city to the other in secure and beautiful spaces. Everybody has the right to go by public transport. Everybody has the right to an unhampered view down their street, not full of railings, signs and rubbish.

Author: Richard Rogers

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Meeting Reflection Sayings

Meeting Reflection Sayings Gus, dressed in the finest button-down shirt he could find in his house (plain white - Pastor Tommy had worn it when he was trying to infiltrate a Young Republicans meeting, only to have been found out, as he was neither young nor a Republican). He also found a bright pink tie to be his splash of color. He wore his slacks from work and a pair of loafers that he hoped would be considered sensible. "I look like a gay Mormon missionary," he lamented in the mirror. "Pardon me, have you heard the word of the Lord? It's fabulous!" He scowled at his reflection.

Author: T.J. Klune

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Lllranting Sayings

Lllranting Sayings Chase your dreams, even if you trip.

Author: Ashley Brooke Robbins

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Rate Only Sayings

Rate Only Sayings No one suffers so much as he [the genius] with the people, and, therefore, for the people, with whom he lives. For, in a certain sense, it is certainly only "by suffering" that a man knows. If compassion is not itself clear, abstractly conceivable or visibly symbolic knowledge, it is, at any rate, the strongest impulse for the acquisition of knowledge. It is only by suffering that the genius understands men. And the genius suffers most because he suffers with and in each and all; but he suffers most through his understanding ...

Author: Otto Weininger

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Short Education Sayings

Short Education Sayings Unspoiled by education, frank and unsuspecting as young an8imals, they came up to school from their meadows, their games, and their dreams. The simple law of life was alone valid for them; the most vital, the most forceful among them was leader; the rest followed him. But little by little, with the weekly portions of tuition, another, artificial set of values was foisted upon them: he who knew his lesson best was termed excellent and ranked foremost, and the rest must emulate him. Little wonder, indeed, if the more vital of them resist it! But they have to knuckle under, for the ideal of the school is the good scholar. But what an ideal! What ever came of the good scholars in the world? In the hothouse of the school they do enjoy a short semblance of life, but only the more surely to sink back afterward into mediocrity and insignificance. The world has been bettered only by the bad scholars.

Author: Erich Maria Remarque

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Hanging On In There Sayings

Hanging On In There Sayings She never discussed her past in detail, but a few tidbits she'd dropped here and there over the last few months they'd all been hanging together convinced Ronnie and Sissy that the woman hadn't merely lived on the wild side, but instead owned prime real estate there.

Author: Shelly Laurenston

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Music Is A Blessing Sayings

Music Is A Blessing Sayings Music is made one of Satan's most attractive agencies to ensnare souls; but, when turned to a good account, it is a blessing. When abused, it leads the unconsecrated to pride, vanity, and folly.

Author: Ellen G. White

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Chrome Yellow Sayings

Chrome Yellow Sayings His name was Mr. Quan and he was the concierge, which explained the black suit and the lavender shirt but not the oversized bow tie in chrome-yellow silk. Perhaps nothing could.

Author: Carsten Stroud

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Photography Rules Sayings

Photography Rules Sayings Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried!

Author: Bill Brandt

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Gritted My Teeth Sayings

Gritted My Teeth Sayings Suddenly, I felt warmth spread through my body. It started where he touched my stomach and slowly moved to my chest and extremities. The warmth of his eyes burned into me and coursed through my body the way lava flowed down a hillside, slow and merciless. He gritted his teeth, squinted his eyes in focus and strained every muscle in his body as he looked down at me.

Author: Allison Sipe

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Blackest People Sayings

Blackest People Sayings Throughout the most trying phase of the Case, Nixon and his family, and sometimes his parents, were at our farm, encouraging me and comforting my family. My children have caught him lovingly in a nickname. To them, he is always "Nixie," the kind and the good, about whom they will tolerate no nonsense. His somewhat martial Quakerism sometimes amused and always heartened me. I have a vivid picture of him, in the blackest hour of the Hiss Case, standingby the barn and saying in his quietly savage way (he is the kindest of men): "If the American people understood the real character of Alger Hiss, they would boil him in oil.

Author: Whittaker Chambers

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You Are Not Fooling Anyone Sayings

You Are Not Fooling Anyone Sayings People don't practice their smiles nearly enough, so when they most need to look happy they're not fooling anyone.

Author: Chuck Palahniuk

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Mentally Fit Sayings

Mentally Fit Sayings You never have to buy an issue of Cosmo again to be the 'Best Lover He's Ever Had.' Just remember this phrase: 'Oh my goodness, I don't know if that will fit.' Then start mentally picking out jewelry.

Author: Lisa Ann Walter

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Language Quotes Sayings

Language Quotes Sayings For the philosopher, language, thought, and passion are the same. Ideas are personal to a philosopher; they express their human passion and articulate their novel ideas in language. Ideas are more than mere concepts, trifles that the philosophical mind toys with. Ideas provide both the structure and inner vitality that holds great thinkers' conceptual structure together.

Author: Kilroy J. Oldster

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Bluff Best Sayings

Bluff Best Sayings First one gives off his best picture, the bright and finished product mended with bluff and falsehood and humor. Then more details are required and one paints a second portrait, and third before long the best lines cancel out and the secret is exposed at last; the planes of the picture have intermingled and given us away, and though we paint and paint we can no longer sell a picture. We must be satisfied with hoping such fatuous accounts of ourselves as we make to our wives and children and business associates are accepted as true.

Author: F Scott Fitzgerald

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Woman One Piece Sayings

Woman One Piece Sayings 11. I am inclined to say: I 'point' in different senses to this body, to its shape, to its colour, etc. What does that mean? What does it mean to say I 'hear' in a different sense the piano, its sound, the piece, the player, his fluency? I 'marry', in one sense a woman, in another her money.

Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein

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Wish U Could Understand Me Sayings

Wish U Could Understand Me Sayings Seeing Charlie huddled beneath the covers I wish I could give him comfort, explain to him that he has done nothing wrong, that is beyond him to change his mother's attitude back to what it was before his sister came. There on the bed, Charlie did not understand what they were saying, but now it hurts. If I could reach out into the past of my memories, I would make her see how much she was hurting me.

Author: Daniel Keyes

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Funny Squat Sayings

Funny Squat Sayings I just find it funny what people will comment on, I try to not pay that much attention to it, but the crazy part is that if I'm doing a squat and I have an action photo, they're like, "Oh your form is off!" And I'm like, are you kidding? I'm still at the gym and you're not!

Author: Khloe Kardashian

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Reign Season 2 Sayings

Reign Season 2 Sayings Nature seemed to have adorned herself for our departure with a profusion of fringes and curls, mingled with the bright tints of flowers, reflected in the water. But we missed the white water-lily, which is the queen of river flowers, its reign being over for this season ... Many of this species inhabit our Concord water.

Author: Henry David Thoreau

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Mormons At The Door Sayings

Mormons At The Door Sayings Like most people I lived for a long time with my mother and father. My father liked to watch the wrestling, my mother liked to wrestle; it didn't matter what. She was in the white corner and that was that. She hung out the largest sheets on the windiest days. She wanted the Mormons to knock on the door. At election time in a Labour mill town she put a picture of the Conservative candidate in the window. She had never heard of mixed feelings. There were friends and there were enemies. Enemies were: The Devil (in his many forms) Next Door Sex (in its many forms) Slugs Friends were: God Our dog Auntie Madge The Novels of Charlotte Bronte Slug pellets and me, at first.

Author: Jeanette Winterson

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Greedy For Food Sayings

Greedy For Food Sayings Every grain of experience is food for the greedy growing soul of the artist.

Author: Anthony Burgess

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Goodbyes Are So Hard Sayings

Goodbyes Are So Hard Sayings And now we get to the hard part. the endings, the farewells, and the famous last words. if you don't hear from me often, remember that you're in my thoughts.

Author: Paul Auster

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Boyfriend Propose Sayings

Boyfriend Propose Sayings Bone Daddy. That's what they called him. A walking talking well-hung pleasure factory who, with a few easy orgasms, could bring you whatever your heart desired. Your boyfriend would propose, your boss would give you a raise. Rumor had it he could heal your scars, inside and out. If you satisfied his lust.

Author: R.G. Alexander

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Anticompetitive Behavior Sayings

Anticompetitive Behavior Sayings Regulation has gone astray ... Either because they have become captives of regulated industries or captains of outmoded administrative agencies, regulators all too often encourage or approve unreasonably high prices, inadequate service, and anticompetitive behavior. The cost of this regulation is always passed on to the consumer. And that cost is astronomical.

Author: Edward Kennedy

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Travel Train Sayings

Travel Train Sayings When I was a boy in England long ago, people who traveled on trains with dogs had to pay for a dog ticket. The question arose whether I needed to buy a dog ticket when I was traveling with a tortoise. The conductor on the train gave me the answer: Cats is dogs and rabbits is dogs but tortoises is insects and travel free according.

Author: Freeman Dyson

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Accept The Unchangeable Sayings

Accept The Unchangeable Sayings I could not accept that organizational interpretations, based on shifting human reasoning, could ever be made equal in authority to the actual statements found in God's unchangeable Word.

Author: Raymond Franz

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Life Is Like Cooking Sayings

Life Is Like Cooking Sayings Like all disciplines where information is shared and work contributes to their advancement, cuisine should be no different. The kitchen is our life, and we are available to share. We want to share our work so that future generations can cook and create a more efficient, easy and unquestionable quality.

Author: Ferran Adria

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Robert C Baker Sayings

Robert C Baker Sayings Years ago I was going to play Chet Baker in another movie and I really felt drawn to that character and the script is good and I met with Robert and we seemed simpatico and we developed. But I had a real passion for that role and that brought me deep into that film 'cause I got the sense that Robert [Budreau] was going to really let me be creative inside this part.

Author: Ethan Hawke

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Laurie Bird Sayings

Laurie Bird Sayings None of the store's balloons seemed right. They offered birthday wishes, congrats on a new baby, but nothing to celebrate the reunion of a mother and child after a government-engineered separation. Then Laurie spotted some early-bird Valentine's balloons. They were red, heart-shaped, and printed with the simple words Te quiero. I love you.

Author: Margaret Regan

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Revenge Sports Sayings

Revenge Sports Sayings He held up a book then. "I'm going to read it to you for relax." "Does it have any sports in it?" "Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True Love. Hate. Revenge. Giants. Hunters. Bad men. Good men. Beautifulest Ladies. Snakes. Spiders ... Pain. Death. Brave men. Cowardly men. Strongest men. Chases. Escapes. Lies. Truths. Passion. Miracles." "Sounds okay," I said and I kind of closed my eyes.

Author: William Goldman

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Making Memories With Your Best Friend Sayings

Making Memories With Your Best Friend Sayings It's a sad fact that most people can't even spot a story when they see one. Most people don't know that stories aren't confined by the covers of books or by half-hour slots on TV. The world is made of stories. The world is driven by stories. When a sunburned-friend tells you about their holiday, it's not a straight list of everything that happened to them - it's a story, an anecdote with a plot, a beginning, a middle and an end. Each one of their holiday snaps is a story too. When you're making a decision, and you imagine the possible outcomes - what are you doing if not telling yourself a story? History is a story. Society is a story. Countries are stories. Your plans are stories. Your desires are stories. Your own memories are stories - narratives selected, trimmed and packaged by the hidden machinery in your mind. Human beings are story engines. We have to be - to understand stories is to understand the world.

Author: Steven Hall

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The Color Salmon Sayings

The Color Salmon Sayings The flower display continued through the town. Window boxes adorned the shop fronts, hanging baskets hung from patent black lampposts, trees grew tall in the main street. Each building was painted a different refreshing color and the main street, the only street, was a rainbow of mint greens, salmon pinks, lilacs, lemons, and blues. The pavements were litter free and gleaming as soon as you averted your gaze above the gray slate roofs you found yourself surrounded by majestic green mountains.

Author: Cecelia Ahern

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Do Not Let Others Control You Sayings

Do Not Let Others Control You Sayings When people say that school prepares children for the real world, what's implied is that it is the difficult parts of school (doing things you don't want to do, forced interaction with peers, following rules that you don't believe in) that are important. What's implied is that the real world is going to be an unhappy place and that being treated unfairly by people is a part of life. It may be a part of life in school, but it is not a part of our lives. School is as far away from the real world as possible. In school we learn that we cannot control our own destinies and that it is acceptable to let others govern our lives. In the real world we can take responsibility for choosing our own paths and governing our own lives. The real world is what we make it.

Author: Rue Kream

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Just 3 Words Sayings

Just 3 Words Sayings In our present fallen, rebellious condition, nothing I say it again carefully nothing is more crucial for humanity than escaping the omnipotent wrath of God. That is not the ultimate goal of the cross. It is just infinitely necessary and valuable beyond words. The ultimate goal of the cross the ultimate good of the gospel is the everlasting enjoyment of God. The glorious work of Christ in bearing our sins and removing God's wrath and providing our righteousness is aimed finally at this: "Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God" (1 Pet. 3:18). Jesus died for us so that we might say with the psalmist, "I will go to the altar of God, to God my exceeding joy" (Ps. 43:4).

Author: John Piper

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Cool Hand Look Sayings

Cool Hand Look Sayings I passed a large dark room where a wall-mounted flat-screen with sound muted showed an overweight rapper performing rap hand gestures, which are supposed to project masculine cool but in fact look like a pointlessly violent version of deaf sign language.

Author: Glen Duncan

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Cliche Travel Sayings

Cliche Travel Sayings It seems like a cliche, but you do grow up a lot faster when you travel a lot, go through things like this interview, spend time away from home and hang around with other actors. It's inevitable that you're not going to have a so-called normal childhood.

Author: Matt Dillon

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Calvin And Hobbes Sad Sayings

Calvin And Hobbes Sad Sayings This is where dad burried the little raccoon. I don't even know he existed a few days ago and now he's gone forever. It's like I found him for no reason. I had to say good-bye as soon as I said hello. Still ... in a sad, awful, terrible way, I'm happy I met him. What a stupid world.

Author: Bill Watterson

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Late Good Morning Sayings

Late Good Morning Sayings Good morning, Flavia, she said at last, but her acknowledgment of my presence came too late for my liking.

Author: Alan Bradley

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My Love For You Is Deep Sayings

My Love For You Is Deep Sayings I love you Camden. I love you so damn, fucking much and it's so right and it's so wrong because people are dying, and we're almost dying and Gus is out there and my mother and we can't trust anybody and all I can think about is you. All I can think about is how much I love you and how badly I fucked everything up and I I don't deserves you but I need you." I made a fist with my hands and pounded it against his chest, hard, my tears flowing. "I fucking need you and I need you to forgive me. I need that more than anything in the world! I need you to make me good." He swallowed hard, letting me hit him, his fingers strong on my jaw. "Ellie, Ellie, Ellie. You are good, deep down you always have been. You don't need me for that.

Author: Karina Halle

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Selling Motivation Sayings

Selling Motivation Sayings Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don't.

Author: Seth Godin

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Pure Vegetarian Sayings

Pure Vegetarian Sayings Becoming a vegetarian is not merely a symbolic gesture. Nor is it an attempt to isolate oneself from the ugly realities of the world, to keep oneself pure and so without responsibility for the cruelty and carnage all around. Becoming a vegetarian is a highly practical and effective step one can take toward ending both the killing of nonhuman animals and the infliction of suffering on them.

Author: Peter Singer

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Special Guy Sayings

Special Guy Sayings He was a terrific guy. It is a great loss to the sports world. Wilt Chamberlain had a special place in basketball history and he will be missed. We had many battles with Wilt. He was a fun guy to be around; he was a 'Gentle Giant.'

Author: Tom Heinsohn

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